In 2018, the total fertility rate in Singapore plummeted to 1.14, which is below the replacement rate of 2.1. The decline was mainly caused by couples who are marrying at a later time, which creates an impact on fertility.

Despite couples marrying later, a 2019 poll found that they still want children and approximately 77 percent of newlywed couples want to have children within three years. However, 40 percent of couples encountered difficulties in conceiving.

At Seng's OG Practice, we are dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. We provide an instant diagnostic one-stop service for patients who suspect they have fertility problems and require fertility treatments. We are available for consultation anytime, even at a short notice.

Our fertility clinic evaluates a couple's fertility and provides a wide range of treatments - from simple cycle tracking with timed coitus or intra-uterine insemination to sophisticated treatments like:
Patients' treatments are planned and monitored via our consulting rooms. We use the facilities at Gleneagles Hospital for all our laboratory and operative needs.
What Is The Most Effective Fertility Treatment For Me

Fertility treatments are dependent on each patient. Our fertility doctor in Singapore can help you conduct a thorough assessment of which fertility treatment is best suited for you.

Requirements To Receive Fertility Treatment

IVF is recommended for couples who are unable to get pregnant despite actively trying for at least a year or 6 months for women aged 35 and older. In Singapore, all women below 45 years old can undergo 10 IVF cycles (round of treatments), up from 5 cycles previously allowed for women over 40 years old.

ICSI is used when previous IVF treatments have low fertilization rates, the male partner's sperm is suboptimal, or only a few eggs are available.

How To Prepare For The Treatment

Fertility treatments may last for years and are physically and mentally draining. Couples must be prepared to expect painful injections, surging hormones, and unsuccessful treatments. During this period, couples may find it useful to speak to a counselor or close friends to get emotional support. We are here to support you throughout your fertility journey at Seng’s OG Practice.

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