In 2018, the total fertility rate in Singapore plummeted at 1.14 percent which is below the replacement rate of 2.1. Such decline was caused by couples who are marrying at a later time; thus, creating an impact on fertility. But despite couples marrying later, a 2019 poll found that they still want children and approximately 77 percent of newlywed couples want to have children within three years. However, of those couples who are trying to get pregnant and conceive a baby, 40 percent of them encountered difficulties in conceiving.

Here at Seng's OG Practice Pte Ltd, we are dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. We provide an instant diagnostic one-stop service for patients who suspect they have a fertility problem and contemplate whether they need fertility treatment or not. We can see patients at short notice and organise whatever investigations seem appropriate.

Moreover, our fertility clinic will evaluate a couple's fertility and provide a wide range of treatments - from simple cycle tracking with timed coitus or intra-uterine insemination to sophisticated treatments such as:
Patients' treatments are planned and monitored from our consulting rooms. We use the facilities at Gleneagles Hospital for all our laboratory and operative needs.

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Seng's OG Practice Pte Ltd understands the challenges of coping with infertility. It can be an emotional and stressful journey. Here at our fertility clinic, our experts are ready to discuss your fertility treatment options and help you have the family you’ve always dreamed of. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our services.