Obstetrics and Pregnancy

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Having a baby is one of the most exciting experiences of a lifetime. Whether you’re expecting your first or second baby, we at Seng's OG Practice believe that each childbearing experience is unique. And to meet your needs, we are fully committed to providing compassionate and exceptional obstetric care to women who want the safest and best possible experience. Every Singapore OBGYN in our clinic works in partnership with each woman to ensure that her individual preferences are met from early pregnancy through the birth process.

Education is the cornerstone of our obstetric care, and family involvement is promoted throughout the process. Let our Singapore OBGYN help you learn more on how to ensure a healthy pregnancy, plan your childbirth experience, and maintain your best health. Our family-centered maternity care at Seng’s OG Practice provides individual attention, comprehensive services, and a wealth of resources to guide you through this meaningful time.
Preparation for Pregnancy
Long before the moment of conception, a baby's health is affected by the health of the parents. By the time pregnancy is confirmed, the embryo has already made critical developmental changes. Today, prospective parents can prepare for a healthier pregnancy by making good health and lifestyle choices before getting pregnant. While no one can guarantee a perfect pregnancy, problems can be minimized when precautions are taken before conception occurs.

Before pregnancy is the best time to evaluate your health. Both partners should schedule a visit at least three months before attempting to conceive.

A preconception visit will include the following:
  • Female/Male Reproductive history
  • Female Pelvic examination
  • Female/Male Screening for potential fertility problems
  • Female/Male Screening for sexually transmitted infections
  • Female Assessment of chronic medical conditions (ie: diabetes, hypertension, thyroid)
  • Female/Male Family history of birth defects for possible referral to a genetic counsellor
  • Female Review of menstrual cycle
  • Female/Male Counselling on nutrition, diet, exercise, and life style behaviours