We are a Ministry of Health Licenced Abortion Centre. We understand that abortion is not an easy decision however we trust each woman to make the choice that is best for her and her unique situation. Our roles is to be supportive, respectful and caring.

At our clinic we have medical doctors and counsellors available to help each woman know all her options when she is faced with an unexpected pregnancy. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing safe , effective and high quality medical services.

Confidentiality is a concern for many women. We understand this concern and protect the privacy of all our patients
Types of Abortion
  • Surgical termination - Aspiration is a surgical abortion procedure performed during the first 6 to 12 weeks gestation. It is also referred to as suction aspiration, suction curettage, or vacuum aspiration. This is one of the safest and simplest method in surgical procedure.
  • Hysterotomy - this is used in cases where prostagladin method fails. The fetus is surgically removed in a process similar to Caesarean section. This is not often done as the above method usually works well.
  • Medical abortion - may best be carried out in pregnancy less than 6 weeks.

Abortion Services For Foreigners

A woman who is not a Singaporean cannot have her abortion in Singapore if she has arrived on a two-week Social or Tourist Pass (except for emergency). However, a non-Singaporean may request for abortion if she has been residing in Singapore for more than 4 months; and the following documents will be needed:
  • Passport with the date of the entry into Singapore;
  • Employment pass
  • Work permit
  • Dependant’s pass

A non-Singaporean/foreigner who arrived in Singapore on a two week social or tourist pass and is found to be suffering from a miscarriage and required the clearance of the pregnancy content from her womb may request for such a surgical procedure. This is not termination of a viable pregnancy, this is considered a gynaecological emergency and does not come under the purview of the Termination of Pregnancy Act. Complications from the miscarriage may occur if left untreated, and therefore delaying treatment can be detrimental to the patient’s health.

Abortion Laws In Singapore

In Singapore, the procedure to terminate a pregnancy is regulated by the Termination of Pregnancy Act (1967) and Guidelines on Termination of Pregnancy (updated 2004). Salient information is represented below: Termination of Pregnancy may be carried out only by authorized medical practitioner in an approved institution. Woman who wishes to have Termination of Pregnancy must meet the following criteria:
  • that she is a citizen of Singapore or the wife of a citizen of Singapore
  • that she is a holder or the wife of a holder of a work permit pass or employment pass. Holding a temporary work permit by either the woman or husband is not sufficient.
  • that she has been a resident in Singapore for at least four months

It is not legal to terminate a pregnancy of more than 24 completed weeks, unless the treatment is immediately necessary to save the life or to prevent grave permanent injury to the physical or mental health of the pregnant woman. The government's approach to abortion regulation is to “ensure that all children born in Singapore are wanted children, who will be properly cared for” (“Singapore sees abortions rise amid recession”, 1 May 2009)

Termination of pregnancy is not without its risk, and it is the duty of the medical practitioners and the government of the land to make it safe for the woman who has to resort to it.

The official grounds for performing induced abortion in Singapore are (1) to save the life of the woman, (2) to preserve physical health of the woman, (3) to preserve mental health of the woman, (4) when the woman was involuntarily impregnated as in an event of rape or incest, (5) when the fetus is discovered to have major defect or impairment, (6) when the woman is incapacitated with economic or social issues and (7) upon request of the woman. Studies have found that majority of induced abortions are for social or economic reasons (>80%).