Male infertility: Sperm Quality and IVF Treatments

IUI vs IVF Treatments in Singapore: Which Treatment is Right for You?

Many couples struggling to conceive naturally may have more than one reason for their infertility. Therefore, it is essential that both partners undergo proper medical diagnosis to assess the actual cause behind their inability to conceive. Though female infertility remains a widely discussed topic, not much discussion surrounds male infertility. In this article, we will explore male infertility and how an IVF specialist in Singapore can help diagnose and treat male infertility.

What is Male Infertility?

As the broader definition goes, a male's inability to impregnate his fertile female partner even after one year of unprotected, regular intercourse, is categorized as male infertility. While there could be many reasons behind male infertility, the most common is low sperm count. A normal sperm count ranges between 15 million and 200 million sperm per milliliter, and any count that is less than 15 million is considered a low sperm count.

Diagnosis and Treatment: How Can an IVF Specialist in Singapore Help with Male Infertility?

Male infertility can be caused by insufficient sperm production, abnormal sperm function, or obstructions preventing sperm delivery. Once a patient consults an IVF specialist in Singapore, the doctor will conduct a general physical examination, which includes the examination of genitalia and a discussion of any genetic disorders, chronic health issues, illnesses, injuries, or operations that may impair the patient's fertility. The doctor may also inquire about the patient's sexual practices and puberty-related sexual development.

Furthermore, the IVF specialist in Singapore will also obtain a semen sample from the patient for further analysis. The collected sperm would be analyzed for its morphology (shape) and motility (movement). Often, the process may require multiple samples to be analyzed as the sperm counts may vary from sample to sample. If the analysis of your sperm is normal, your doctor will probably want to assess your female partner before doing any more tests on you.

The other tests that are generally conducted at an IVF center in Singapore are:

  • 1. Scrotal ultrasound
  • 2. Transrectal ultrasound
  • 3. Hormone testing
  • 4. Post-ejaculation urinalysis
  • 5. Genetic tests
  • 6. Testicular biopsy
  • 7. Specialized sperm function tests

Depending on what is causing infertility, an IVF specialist may suggest surgery, hormone therapy, or medicine to treat any infections before recommending IVF treatment.

Why IVF Treatment is the Best Solution

If you or your partner have been told you have a low sperm count and have been trying to get pregnant naturally for at least 2 years, in vitro fertilization (IVF) may be a good option for you.

During IVF, an egg (or several eggs) is extracted from the woman's ovaries and fertilized with sperm in a laboratory. After fertilization, the fertilized egg (called an embryo) is implanted in the woman's womb to grow and develop.

IVF treatments are considered safe and have a high success rate when compared with other treatment procedures. As the process uses the best quality eggs and sperm from both partners/donors, the chances of creating a fertilized egg are very high. Furthermore, patients also have the option of freezing and storing any unused embryos for later use.

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