IUI vs IVF Treatments in Singapore: Which Treatment is Right for You?

IUI vs IVF Treatments in Singapore: Which Treatment is Right for You?

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF) are two of the most common fertility treatments available in Singapore to address issues of subfertility/infertility. If you're having trouble conceiving naturally, you might be thinking about going in for fertility treatments.

Naturally, you're curious about what each of these therapies can do for you and how they differ. Our specialists at Seng's Clinic can help you understand the differences between IUI and IVF treatment in Singapore, so you can choose the best option for you.

What Is the Difference Between IUI and IVF treatment in Singapore?

IUI Treatment Singapore

During IUI, the sperm of the intended father is inserted into the uterus of the intended mother or surrogate once or twice in the days after she ovulates.

By injecting sperm directly into the uterus, IUI increases the possibility that sperm and egg will meet and produce an embryo. Higher concentrations of healthy sperm increase the likelihood of conception and pregnancy.

Benefits and Drawbacks

IUIs take less time and are typically less expensive. Women under the age of 35 are frequently advised to undergo intrauterine insemination since their success rate is higher than that of women older than 35. Women over the age of 40 had the lowest success rate with IUI, with only approximately a 5% probability of success.

Due to the fact that IUI can be used with other fertility medications to stimulate the ovaries, the likelihood of multiple births (twins or more) is increased. Many couples opt for two to three IUI cycles prior to undergoing IVF treatment in Singapore.

IVF Treatment in Singapore

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the most common and effective fertility treatments available in Singapore. As indicated previously, if three or more IUI cycles fail, or if the female patient is older than 35 years of age, our doctors advise that you consider going in for IVF treatments in Singapore. Fertility medications are used to stimulate the ovaries, resulting in the simultaneous production of several eggs.

The eggs are retrieved from the female patient and fertilized with sperm in a laboratory. Once they have developed into embryos they are implanted in the uterus. After the embryos have been transferred, the embryos may attach to the uterine wall, leading to pregnancy.

Why is IVF Treatment in Singapore the Preferred Choice?

In general, IVF has a higher success rate than IUI and is the most commonly recommended fertility treatment for females older than 40. IVF also gives fertility specialists and intended parents greater control over the number of embryos implanted in the uterus, minimizing the risk of multiple births.

IVF treatment in Singapore, requires more fertility medications and is comparatively more expensive than IUI. It is best you consult with your fertility specialist to determine if IVF or IUI is the best option for you based on the cause of your subfertility/infertility.

Discover the Best Available IVF Treatment in Singapore For You

If you've been trying to conceive naturally for over a year without any success, it is advisable that you visit a qualified medical practitioner. Consult with one of our fertility specialists at Seng's Clinic to discover whether IUI or IVF is the most appropriate treatment for you.

Depending on your age, health, and the cause of your infertility, our specialists can provide the right advice for you. To discover more about the differences between IUI and IVF fertility treatments, arrange a consultation at our fertility center today.